What Coffee Means To Me – No. 6

The sixth installment in our reader-generated What Coffee Means To Me blog series …


By: James from Boston, Massachusetts

I have a bit of a unique connection with coffee.  I love coffee, I just don’t drink it.  Let me clarify:  I used to drink coffee.  Quite a bit actually.  I’d always buy fresh roasted coffee, but I especially loved the process of brewing coffee.    From a mostly manual large Italian made espresso machine (that has since been sold for the convenience of a Nespresso) to the amazing simplicity of a moka pot, I would love trying new ways of extracting the liquid gold from the beans. 

At a certain point, I felt I was drinking too much coffee.  While I loved coffee, I took the opportunity of a 3-day bad head cold a few years back to transition to drinking tea.  What is surprising, however, is I still absolutely love the extraction process.  I make coffee for my wife almost every morning.  Fresh ground in my burr grinder.  I watch YouTube videos to try and perfect my craft.  It’s amazing how many variables can change a simple cup of coffee.  We no longer have a percolator.  Most mornings lately, pour-over is the weapon of choice, but I enjoy lots of other methods too. 

I guess all along, my connection to coffee was more than just the flavor, or the energy it gave me.  I felt connected to the process of making coffee.  In life, I find myself drawn to things that slow us down and make us focus on the present.  To me, the extraction process of coffee is one of life’s meditative pleasures.

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