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Discover roasters committed to sustainability, innovation and equity in specialty coffee.

Specialty coffee is facing significant challenges:

Climate Change

The dominant species of coffee globally, Arabica, thrives only in a delicate combination of climate factors, all of which are projected to be heavily impacted in the coming decades.

Unequal Value Distribution

Operating in the buyer-driven coffee market, farmers receive only a fraction of the end retail price of the coffee they grow and sell, even as they bear the costs and risks of cultivation.

We feature small roasters who are solving these challenges through: ​

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability goes beyond agriculture, to maintaining sustainable living wages and sustainable relationships with growers that ensure long-term stability for the entire coffee value chain.

Progressive Innovation

Innovation is critical to the future of coffee as we know it - roasters must encourage exploration of new coffee varieties and growing techniques, as well as more creative, win-win trade arrangements.

Consumers are projected to spend over . on specialty coffee globally by 2030.

Source: Research and Markets

Buy coffee from roasters who are building a stable and fair market for all parties, including farmers.

What does innovation in coffee look like?

Microlots from rare origins, unusual taste profiles, experimental processing methods, new roasting technology, and creative relationships with farmers are all ways roasters can exhibit their innovation.