What Coffee Means To Me – No. 5

The fifth installment in our reader-generated What Coffee Means To Me blog series …

By: Rachel from Los Angeles, California

As an artist, my love for coffee has less to do with its complexity of flavors and the warmth of the mug on my fingers, and more to do with its function as a catalyst for creativity.

After I stumble out of bed each morning with heavy eyelids and a brain still oscillating between states of sleep and awake, coffee coaxes my senses back into focus. One cup down, and the hazy veil of sleepiness lifts to a world that’s stirring and animated.

I’m suddenly aware of the way the light sticks to the bricks outside my window in grainy patterns, how the neighbor’s dog looks vaguely like Scooby Doo, and the spots where my bedroom wall was painted over with the wrong shade of yellow- it all feeds my imagination, ready for translation onto canvas.

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