What Coffee Means To Me – No. 4

The fourth installment in our reader-generated What Coffee Means To Me blog series …

By: Karen from Concord, Massachusetts

Coffee has been a part of my life since the beginning. The smell of coffee brewing in my house was a constant growing up.  Every morning the Farberware Percolator was on the counter gurgling away and making the kitchen smell welcoming and worth waking up for. Even before I was old enough to drink “real “ coffee, I loved what was then called Coffee Syrup that was added to milk; so much better than a chocolate drink.  Anytime my grandparents came to visit, a new pot of coffee was put up to brew- again the reliable Farberware percolator!  Usually, this coffee break also included a yummy pastry from one of the many local bakeries nearby.

Whenever and wherever I have lived since, having coffee ready to go in the morning has been a must. Once it was possible to actually program a coffee maker to start automatically, it felt like an incredible luxury. Now, my taste in coffee has become more sophisticated and I enjoy a variety of different beans which we grind at home. It’s been educational too to learn about the countries of origin of the different beans and how they are roasted.  My taste may be more sophisticated now but still, coffee, first thing in the morning is a constant.

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