What Coffee Means To Me – No. 3

The third installment in our reader-generated What Coffee Means To Me blog series ...

By: Julian from Boston, Massachusetts

I started drinking instant coffee in high school, purely as a vehicle for staying awake and doing homework. That continued in college, again with instant coffee serving as convenient liquid alertness. Since then and over time, my tastes in coffee have evolved and completely changed. Evolving from instant coffee is pretty easy, but I definitely went further than that. In many ways I equate travel to coffee. I’ve had locally roasted coffees traveling internationally, and discovered some of the best coffees I’ve ever had from California to Kansas to Maine. I found that whatever environment I was in found a way to infuse itself into the coffee. 

Professionally, coffee fluctuates from being something to enjoy throughout the day to being, once again, a tool for staying alert and productive. From office hours to meetings, coffee’s there. Sometimes too much of it. Like when I had 8 espressos by accident before a job interview a few years ago.

Lately, my focus on coffee has turned to data, traceability, and a desire to taste and experience the very forefront of what roasters are doing. We really seem to be in a new age of innovation in coffee, and I’m excited to see what my journey brings next.  

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