If you are a small roaster committed to creating a fair and stable future for coffee, we want to hear from you.

Reasons to consider joining us:

Competitive Advantage

Showcasing your commitment to a fair and sustainable future for coffee will differentiate you from the pack.


We tap into a significant, values-based market segment of coffee drinkers who are looking for businesses that align with their values. Be part of the conversation!


According to the 2023 National Coffee Data Trends report, specialty coffee drinkers are over 50% more likely to buy coffee that meets sustainability criteria such as fair trade or organic.


As coffee-growing lands disappear, now is the time to help create a future in which coffee continues to be available and continues to support tens of millions of livelihoods around the world.

After signing up, we will also display a full profile detailing your roastery, mission and differentiators, in your own words. You will also get access to a benchmarking report that shows where your roastery stands vs. your competition as it relates to various sustainability and innovation metrics. 

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